Somehow, bugs and flowers (weeds and all), just seem to go together.

I have absolutely NO IDEA what most of these little guys are. To me, they are simply bugs. But I do know that bugs make the world go round and are important to the food chain (I am very glad I am somewhere near the top of that so I don't have to eat these puppies )

If you happen to know the names of these bugs, you could let me know by email and I will label them and we will all be just a little bit smarter than we were before.

Sooooo ... meet the gang ... click their pics to see them bigger in a slide show.

Asian-Lady-Beetle-DSC_4032.jpg (118754 bytes)
Asian Lady Beetle
bee2.jpg (122827 bytes)
Franz-DSC_3213.jpg (122345 bytes)
bald-faced-hornet-1.jpg (120924 bytes)
Fred-DSC_5267.jpg (120771 bytes) brown-bfly-DSC_5407.jpg (111916 bytes)
caterpillar-LG.jpg (47760 bytes) bug--DSC_7831.jpg (109949 bytes)
Crane Fly
butterfly2-LG.jpg (62874 bytes)
Swallowtail Butterfly